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Work From Home Here to Stay

Work From Home Here to Stay

During these uncertain times, WFH has come as a challenge to most of us. While it may sound like an interesting proposition to some, it is really not as easy going as it sounds.

Right off the bat, your office space is built in a way that inspires you to work. And your home is a space where you come to relax and wind down, so when your spaces collide, your productivity and mental health take the hit.

Now, this functional and temporary solution may work great with some people, who are used to being busy around the house but for the most part, employees are having a hard time staying focused at home with so many distractions all around them.

Many organizations like Twitter have made Working from home permanent. This has helped give work flexibility to their employees and cut down millions of dollars on rent. Now that the organizations know that this model works well, no surprises that it is here to stay when the cost cutting is that high! It can thus be concluded that this move is and will be mimicked by many organizations around the world, yours included.

For you, this means more flexible working hours and getting fully adapted to working from your own home. This also means that the need to cut costs for organizations is very real at this point and HR managers are running around to chase productivity among their organizations.

So, you need to have your game face on to stay in the top 5% of the talent pool when they are looking for people to fire.

For you to become irreplaceable in your organization, it is imperative to have more than just your core competent skill. Like you could be a great data analyst in your job, but to survive in an environment this competent, you need to constantly up skill, learn constantly, be  good at your job and build on soft skills, such as leadership and communication to build trust and reliability in your workplace, now remotely.

It seems like a lot to take in, but I’m going to break it down into smaller, bite sized goals that you can accomplish and stay ahead of the curve.

Think about your core skill and how you can build on it. From the previous example, if you are a data analyst, what else can you do in your capacity to stay in the game, think solving more than just one problem. You are going to get paid for the problems you solve, so in this case, learn how to come up with better more relevant insights, learn to do better research, consult with strategy, apart from just data analysis.

From a soft skill aspect, think about leading in the time of crisis. You know the challenges you and your team are facing during this time. Show encouragement and support for a job well done and factor in trust and momentum over numbers when productivity is of question. Targets/ KPIs/ Numbers are easily chasable and are a form of extrinsic motivation. You want to invest your time in people who really want to do the job they’re hired for, so look for people around the organization that are reliable and you can trust them. Create a positive relationship and let them also trust you. Especially during these challenging times, catch up more often and thank them for a day’s job well done. Your team will be happy to work for you when they trust you and know that their work is accounted for.

What does your space say? To stay more productive, you need to stay more focused, think about creating a home office corner, set up a desk in a part of your house that is relatively quieter so that you are away from distractions and can focus on work. This is also very professional when you have meetings and your backdrop is a clean space. And reflects your personality when you are in interviews. Since work from home is here to stay, think about setting up a routine similar to one when you were going to work. This will help you fall into pattern with your new work schedule.

Simple things really make such a difference. Staying on the top of your game is now more important than ever. Are you making the right decisions to stay in a while longer?

Your work style today will decide your future. Now would be a good time to invest in a mentor who can help you navigate these changes or adaptations in your life and help you manage your career the way you want to.

Good luck!

To your success.

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