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The Top 3 Skills Of 2019 That You Must Have

Top 3 skills of 2019

I have known people who have spent ALMOST $100K in qualifications and STILL haven’t got into the career they want.

Did you ever think that your degree will just be a piece of paper you frame and hang up on your wall? No, right!

Today’s reality is that employers are no longer looking for people who have a great education. They want people with strong soft skills.

There is a ton of research that shows people with soft skills progress faster, gets noticed more often and are given more opportunities to join projects that expands their skill sets.

So, what are soft skills?

They are the personal qualities of a person.

The TOP 3 in demand skills of today are: interpersonal skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

1. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills help you communicate effectively with others and avoid conflict within the team. 

These skills are harder to learn than technical skills as they need a lot of practice and interaction with others which is something you obviously can’t do on your own.

Once you master social skills, how you communicate with others, be it personal or professional, will create quicker connections and stronger bonds. In order to improve your interpersonal skills, all you need is ‘practice’.

  • Practice to be clear and concise with the information you give.
  • Practice being polite when communicating with everyone.

Having strong interpersonal skills will help you in every aspect of your life. It will make your life so much easier as you will be able to avoid workplace conflicts and keep the workplace harmonious.

2. Critical Thinking

Have you ever witnessed friends or colleagues jumping to conclusions and make decisions on the whim? Or maybe even you do it?

There’s nothing wrong with making quick decisions. 

However, you must always make sure you are gathering all the relevant data, assessing the situation and making informed decisions.

This may take some time, but again with practice you will master this soft skill.

The key to this is listening to others before you speak. This not only helps you assess the situation and gather more data. It shows you’ve put in proper thought into your response.

3. Teamwork

The most common perception people have is that they are a team player.

You know why? Many people assume that working in a team means sitting next to 5 people, share a table with them and do your own thing.

NO! Working in a team means learning to let your ego and pride go, accept to compromise on ideas that you may think is right for the greater good of the team.

Look at how everyone is going to benefit. Is someone taking on too much or not having enough support? If so, how can you help get the team working together better and create more productivity.


Until next time,

Thai Ngo

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