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The Future of Jobs

The Future of Jobs

We have all delved into what could be the most uncertain phase of our economy we’ve ever been. This pandemic has brought us to a nerve racking new challenge, a recession.

With the government funds running out, many small businesses shut down and unemployment is on the rise. Our economy has taken a major hit.

This is a challenging phase for anyone looking for a job at this point. During this time, it is really important to work and develop your skills to increase your chances of employability.

What skills are important though?

This is a great chance to update your resume, more importantly build on the skills required for that next job.

Think about it right, the diminishing payments coming in from the government will be empty soon and people have been let go from their jobs, the challenge at that point will be a much bigger one.

To hone your skills and be future-ready, you MUST be in the top 5% of talent in the job seekers market. It is that much more important now as the competition in the market increases.

And in times like these, what can you do, to draw the odds in your favour? The Answer is, so much!

Firstly, learn to learn skill:

Skill is going to be the currency of the new decade, to keep learning even if you have a job or run a successful business to stay relevant is going to be the most important thing.
Always have a growth mindset.
Someone who is ready and eager to learn new things. Never go in thinking you know everything because that is showing to other people that you are perfect and have nothing to learn.
Sign up to an online course, listen to podcasts, read a book, watch informational videos. Focus on soft skills. Things like leadership, communication and negotiation are some things that a machine cannot replace.

Secondly, Write a compelling resume:

Even if you are the best in the business, if you do not have a resume that yells that you’re the best, you won’t cut it. So brand yourself and clearly state why someone should hire you. Clearly state your skill and display competence. And give examples of things you have done in order to achieve something to gain reliability and trust.
Writing the best resume is also about using the right language, so ensure you don’t write one like you’re writing a story, be professional. Find keywords from the job opening and position and incorporate them in your resume. Mention soft skill as a part of your job and state exactly why you believe you’re skilled in that area.

Finally, up your LinkedIn game:

LinkedIn is a great platform to gain industry contacts, networking with people within your Industry and finding new opportunities. Connect with your industry members and talk to them. Incorporate the words that they use to speak their language with them. Sometimes just talking to people can open up potential opportunities.

So keep showing your competence and be confident in your skill. Go in with a learning mentality and talk to the right people to be in the top 5% of the talent.
Remember, if you spend even 30 minutes into learning something everyday, you can develop a new skill in no time!
It’s time to go get ’em!

This is the right time to think about developing skill so you can develop an edge. At Careerists, we have an online course to get people to the top 5% through showcasing their skills and talent! Click here to know more!

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