Here at Careerists, we are proud of all our successful clients


Sami Sami

Contact Centre Manager

@Asahi Beverages Solutions

“I was made redundant from my former employer. I hadn’t applied for a job in 9 years. I started to apply for roles and wasn’t receiving many calls. It was frustrating especially because I had the skills and experience for those roles.

From my first coaching session with Careerists, I could see I was doing a number of things wrong. My resume and cover letter didn’t highlight my skills and experience properly. I also wasn’t able to effectively express my elevator pitch, and unique selling points.

Careerists was able to help me effectively express my elevator pitch, and unique selling points. Combine that with personality assessments and discussions around how to maintain a positive mindset and I suddenly found myself receiving calls and attending interviews.

I highly recommend you contact the Careerists team if you are struggling with how to package and present yourself for new job opportunities.”


Susan Tran

Knowledge Management Coordinator

@Jetstar Airways

“Over a year ago I decided that I wanted to leave the banking/finance industry. The thought of updating my resume, completing the Key Selection Criteria and attending external interviews was daunting after a really long break. After a lot of procrastination, I approached Careerists. What I received exceeded my expectations. Thai was so professional from the beginning. He shared his knowledge and guided me throughout the entire process in a very professional yet personal manner. I attended his seminars, did coaching with Careerists and watched his Ask Thai series. It gave me the confidence and tools I needed to take the necessary steps to make the much needed change. Fast forward to today, I have successfully secured a position in the Aviation industry. I am incredibly grateful to Thai and Careerists! Keep up the amazing job!”

Shilpa Sawant@2x

Shilpa Sawant

Junior Account


“Thai has been a perfect psychological reinforcement with his optimistic and consistent support right throughout his coaching sessions. He provided me with all the resources, tactics and guidance; I required to market myself and pursue a successful professional strategy. The thought provoking and strategic coaching sessions transformed me and repackaged my thoughts in a way that added a meaningful direction to my career aspirations. Careerists sparked my drive and ambition to find the right career for me!!

A single apt phrase to describe my experience with Careerists, inevitably concludes that he is ‘a blessing in disguise.’
Beyond a doubt, I recommend Careerists coaching to everyone who requires a guidance to secure their dream job!”


Kate McDowall

Head of Operations

@Crestone Wealth Management

“When I reached out to Thai, I’d been with my previous employer for 18 years, and while successful in my roles, I’d rarely been asked to complete a formal interview process (and when I had, it’s safe to say I bombed). Even though I was in a Senior Management position, when asked by the CIO “tell me what you bring to your role Kate?” I couldn’t articulate the value I was bringing to the business.

During my complimentary consultation with Careerists, I was terrified, embarrassed and shaking, I had no idea how to tell someone what I did in a meaningful way, nor that I was great at what I did. Fast forward 3 weeks and only 6 hours. Their ability to challenge me respectfully and not allow me to shy away from the fear I had of self-promotion, not only enabled me to articulate the value I could bring to a business, but was a huge self confidence boost. Thai’s focus on energy, body language, reading your audience and truly believing in yourself is genuine, he really cares, and it’s incredibly effective.

After 8 hours of interviews, I was successful in the first role I applied for in 18 years and in an industry I knew little about – all thanks to Careerists coaching me to believe in myself and to not be afraid to talk to my strengths and go after what I thought was impossible.

Thanks to you Thai and your team at Careerists for your influence, compassion and determination to lead me to the happiness and success I experience today.”

Thirun Nadason@2x

Thirun Nadason

Business Development Manager


“Many thanks for your coaching and guidance – I’ve learnt that my CV is a living document and it has evolved a lot since I first engaged your services.

Nevertheless, it was the starting point that landed my role today. I’ll continue to recommend your valuable services to anyone asking about getting ahead in their career.”

Head of Insurance Consulting at ORACLE@2x

Manish Baheti

Consulting Practice Senior Director


“Thai, Iris and Husne at Careerists provided me an accurate assessment on the specific aspects I needed to build upon…I am happy to inform this has brought me immediate success. An opportunity came by and I could see an immediate improvement … and also improved my career prospects.”


Tamie Bui

Business Development Manager


“Careerists has trained me to become interview fit, succeeding through three rounds of interviews, despite lacking the two key prerequisites demanded by the employer, and holding the least work experience of all candidates put forward…… my progression to the final stage is attributed to his coaching aptitudes which are bestowed within me, or years to come.”


Shrey Takkar

Technical Support Trainer

@Silversurf IT Services

“The Perfect Interview Online Course” is one of Careerists’ excellent creations, in which he will equip you with lots of nuggets and tips that can be used in any interview.

As my personal testimony, I listened to a few videos the day before my interview, and that gave me a lot of confidence and eventually I was successful in my interview!”

Jake Gerstel@2x

Jake Gerstel



“Careerists coaching has helped me develop my personal branding, unique selling points, LinkedIn presence, and job interview techniques. Looking back at when I was networking and applying for internships without Thai’s guidance I understand why I wasn’t successful.

Careerists has given me clarity and a greater effectiveness in my internship applications, which have culminated in two offers from the Big 4 banks to work over the 2018/19 Summer. This success after Thai becoming my mentor is no coincidence, I only wish I was able to learn from him earlier! I’d recommend Careerists to all students struggling with their career direction while at university, it’s amazing what a mentor can do.”


Tom Green

HR Business Partner

@Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“I have known Thai professionally for the past 5 years and could not recommend him highly enough. Thai is exceptionally knowledgeable in recruitment and career development – he is certainly an outside of the box thinker who cares about the people he works with. Careerists coaching has given me some great ideas on interview techniques and they have been my trusted advisor when I have been seeking work too, despite being a recruiter myself.”


Chao Wang

Reporting Administrator


“I got a job offer! Since then, I realised my dream came true!

With Thai’s real personal experienced shared, I re-understand how does HR and recruitment agency interview and select candidates. I also learned how to prepare and answer the interview questions in a professional and smarter manner. With Careerists’ strong network and useful tips, finally I secured a position and got an offer from a public company! Thank you so much to the team at Careerists.”


Gayathri Jangman

Client Consultant

@State Trustees

“I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You Careerists for being an excellent guide which made a big difference in my life. Thanks a lot for guiding me, inspiring me and making me for what I am today. 

You have and will continue to be a great influence on me. Thank you for the great work you do and the huge impact you make in young people’s lives as a teacher.”

Bilkish Singapurwala@2x

Bilkish Singapurwala

Revenue Processing Admin Officer

@Cancer Council

“Thank you Careerists for the wonderful career coaching! It helped me a lot and will always help in near future.”

Raneesh Thomas@2x

Raneesh Thomas

Investigations Officer


“I wish to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to work with ANZ and wishing you and your organisation all the very best for the future.”


Angelica Cardenas

Market and Social Research

@Market Solutions

“I would recommend the course to anyone who is seeking job opportunities as it is important to be well-prepared to succeed in an interview. As Careerists coaching provides the insights and perspective of a recruiter, it gives you the clues and techniques that a candidate should highlight with their answers! It was very detailed and bold, indeed.”


Hung Tong

Customer Lifecycle Manager


“Sharpening your cover letter, resume and interviewing skills, these experienced experts at Careerists will get you prep and achieve the results you need.”
Gaurav Sharma@2x

Gaurav Sharma

Technical Analys

@Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

“Careerists is the place where you go when you are unsure where to go. Give yourself a chance and win back that confidence which you were born with. Thai is an amazing mentor and an even more amazing human being.”


Poh Lin Ng

Business Consultant

@Venture Forth

“Careerists confidently helped me by reconnecting me with my passion, positioning my skills and experience, improving my career search, and articulating exactly what employers were looking for…

Reinventing a career was easy with Careerists coaching and I would highly recommend them to help you and empower you towards your dream career.”


Ben Goh​

Project Engineer Supervisor

@Yarra Trams

“Careerists has done a great job in being able to focus my communication skills to get the job I really wanted. They was able to help me filter out the noise and focus on my strengths so I would also be a great fit for my new team as well.”


Quang Nguyen

Reconciliations Associate

@Vanguard Investments

“I took up one of Careerists’ mentoring sessions and after just one session I was able to score myself another role in a reputable company doing what I enjoy doing… If anyone has any doubts about themselves… I suggest come out and reach out to Thai and Careerists and don’t give up on yourself.”