Through extensive work experiences, Thai had developed a comprehensive understanding of what employers of all magnitude, expect from job applicants. 

My recent coaching experience with Thai demonstrated the importance of his role in preparing a candidate to be interview ready as there is a clear distinction to his part to the Recruiter, as the latter is merely a liaison, connecting me to my potential employer.  

Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, Thai had personally trained me to become interview fit, succeeding through three rounds of interviews, despite lacking the two key prerequisites demanded by the employer, and holding the least work experience of all candidates put forward. 

While I am due for an outcome this week, my progression to the final stage is attributed to his coaching aptitudes which are bestowed within me, for years to come.

Tamie Bui

Associate Director, ANZ

I approached Thai because I needed his help with getting back to job market after 2 years being a business owner. Although I knew I had great skills, experience and a strong education, I struggled to understand exactly what employers are looking for in a candidate.

Thai confidently helped me by reconnecting me with my passion, positioning my skills and experience, improving my career search, and articulating exactly what employers were looking for in a candidate without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Reinventing a career was easy with Thai and I would highly recommend him to help you and empower you towards your dream career.

Poh Lin Ng

Business Consultant, Venture Forth

Thai has done a great job in being able to focus my communication skills to get the job I really wanted. He was able to help me filter out the noise and focus on my strengths so I would also be a great fit for my new team as well.

I’m interested in future personal development as well!

Ben Goh

Project Engineer Supervisor, Yarra Trams

I have known Thai professionally for the past 5 years and could not recommend him highly enough. Thai is exceptionally knowledgeable in recruitment and career development – he is certainly an outside of the box thinker who cares about the people he works with.

Thai has given me some great ideas on interview techniques and has been my trusted advisor when I have been seeking work too, despite being a recruiter myself.

Tom Green

HR Business Partner, SPS Commerce

First of all, I would like to thank Thai for his amazing and generous efforts in providing help to all professionals and students to overcome their fears and be confident in achieving their goals and dreams. 

“The Perfect Interview Online Course” is one of his excellent creations, in which he has equipped you with lots of nuggets and tips that can be used in any interview. 

As my personal testimony, I listened to a few videos the day before my interview, and that gave me a lot of confidence and eventually I was successful in my interview!

Rating: 5/5

Shrey Takkar

Technical Support Trainer, SilverSurf IT Services

The online course is very easy to navigate, the flow and the connection of each part is logically correct It definitely met my needs. The useful concepts are the things a candidate should highlight during the interview. 

YES, I would recommend the online course to anyone who is seeking job opportunities as it is important to be well-prepared to succeed in an interview. As this course provides the insights and perspective of a recruiter, it gives you the clues and techniques that a candidate should highlight with his or her answers! It was very detailed and bold, indeed. 

Rating: 4/5

Angelica Cardenas

Market and Social research, Market Solutions