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Success In a Digital Age

Success in a Digital Age

Ever since going into lockdown because of the ongoing pandemic, it has become more clear that employees tend to lose focus when the office space changes and the productivity goes down. 

And looking at the current employment scenario with dwindling productivity and people even being let off from work, corporates are looking to cut costs every which way. 

It is now more important than ever to be a part of the top 5% of the talent in order to move up the ladder and more importantly to even maintain your position. 

Even speaking from a leadership perspective, the way you handle the current crisis will determine your future in your organization and any organization that you go into. 

And now is a great time to start thinking about what your leadership personality is and how you can be better at doing what you’re already doing. It is also a good practice to start building and working on your skills so that you can be the top 5% of talent and are able to maintain the position you already hold or can climb the ladder and earn the increment in your payscale. 

A great way to start doing that is to work on upskilling yourself and setting yourself apart from the rest of the people so you and your skill can really stand out.

What is also important in this process is for you to understand the value of soft skill. So consider things like leadership qualities, communication skills, presentation skills. Skills that will help you be better at your job and land you into a better position. 

Learning industry relevant skills that help you grow in your position and can make you more efficient in your job. 

So consider enrolling yourself into short courses when you have the time to build on your soft skills, that make your core job better. 

Learning new skills could also help you start a side hustle that you can rely on when in between jobs and can help you achieve your financial goals too. 

These are some industries that are currently most in demand and will have a lasting impact in the world to give you a direction of where to start.


With the world using an app for basically everything, learning skills in that area like coding, UX Design, Web Development and basics of cyber security as a way of helping deliver your services in the best way possible. 

Written Communication

From writing for a blog to writing a personal email. It takes some skill to use the right word at the right time. In helping your brand, personal or professional, use language to your advantage and make your mark as a great communicator. Taking us a short course in copywriting, digital writing, content writing will help you better understand the different styles of writing and how you can leverage them to your advantage. 

Video and Networking

As an industry professional, I think I would always advise people to network and connect with more people. Not only as a way to grow in the industry but meeting people tells us so much about them and their journey. There is something to learn from everyone. But ever since going into lockdown, I have been advising people to work on their linkedin behavior and their video presentation skills, your outfit is not the only thing you’re judged by anymore. In just one shot of a messy bedroom there is so much you can tell about a person. So your mere presence online is not enough, your appearance online is also important. So spend some time learning about confidence, video interview skills, how to appear presentable in an online setting and constantly work on your Linkedin Bio. 

This is a good time to start thinking about your presence online and what that says about you. Always be a student and open to learning new things and you will be surprised with your capabilities. 

Now I understand that all these things take time and patience and you can never be sure of what might work for you. So if you are looking for a place to start, I have personally developed this 10 module short course that you can take in less than one day and start your journey to success. 

To Your Success. 

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