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Should You Put Your Photo On Your Resume?

Should you put your photo on your resume?

The way to land the next job in the nowadays job market are changing rapidly. And so is the Resume writing process!

We have been following some really old rules (and some job-seekers still do) when it comes to creating the document that holds the destiny of your future dream job. And we never questioned them.

We found ourselves bound to some guidelines that remain valid only for a different era.

But this is not stone-age anymore and we need to start updating our job searching habits accordingly!

There is a common belief among job seekers and recruiters that putting a photo in your resume might look unprofessional and naive.

Mostly, these assumptions are related to companies’ efforts to avoid allegations of being discriminatory when it comes to such factors as age, race, gender, national origin or disability during their hiring processes. 

Regardless, gone are the days when we had strict privacy and no one would know such things about us beforehand.

I have noticed that recently the question has gained some nuance in itself and is less shocking than before, so let us tackle the issue by considering how the job market has changed in the digital age. 

Though there is no strict answer to the question it is important for you to know that your decision totally depends on your circumstances and the role you’re applying for.

1. We now live in the Social Media age.

When I talk to my colleagues in the recruitment industry regarding their hiring practices, 90% of them accept that they check the social media profiles of their candidates during their decision making process.

They claim that it helps them to understand a little bit in advance the personality of the person that is applying for the role.

Unless you already know, companies are now looking for professionals with a convincing attitude and a personality that can fit in their culture.

So, no matter how bright your Resume and experiences are, if you don’t seem to be the personality they’re looking for you won’t be successful.

And if you think of it, you also check Company’s website and social media profiles to have a glance of their values and environment.

This way you are making a decision based on information and you are making sure that both parties complement each other.

It is the exact same thing with recruiters checking your online presence!

2. Head-hunters hang out on LinkedIn.

I know many cases of professionals and experts being reached out by recruiters via their LinkedIn profiles and getting some decent job offers.

LinkedIn is a talent pool for head-hunters and it is their favourite social media platform to find prospect candidates.

But how do they decide whom to contact?

There is a common feature among those professionals who get job offers in their LinkedIn inbox: they all have a personal photo on their profile (usually a professional one but if you can do a good one yourself that will work too) and a good summary.

As I assume I will write another blog focusing purely on the writing strategy that we should use on LinkedIn, let me stress for now that a key success to your visibility is your profile picture.

Hence, your portrait is already visible to your prospect employers. So why not go for it even in your Resume.

3. It shows Credibility.

I am sure that you have noticed that now that the news and every article is found online you can easily see an image of the author attached to it.

Years ago that would sound naive too, as only their names would appear on newspapers and magazines but now it is our reality.

It would get me to no surprise if they would step forward with their creativity and put GIF-s instead or moving pictures.

“Thai but that is a whole other topic”, you might think, but my point is that nowadays we communicate so much more visually, be it videos or images. 

It allows us to match our personality, our face to our skill set and what we do. Providing your photo means that you are building trust with people who are seeing your work or Resume.  

You are putting your face on your brand which means you are the first one to believe on it and others should follow.

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