Join our referral program and earn passive income every time your friend purchase any of our coaching services.

Each person that you refer to us is an opportunity for you TO EARN UP TO $1000 based on the coaching service purchased and you will also be supporting our B1G1 donations.


Know someone that needs career coaching? Refer a friend to book in a complimentary consultation with us for more details on our coaching services and how we can help them.


Ensure they give us your details (name, number and email) once they decide to purchase any coaching services with us.

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You will then receive a 10% commission on the price of their coaching service within 30 days after your friends’ first coaching session.

Help a friend scale their career



When you’ve had a positive experience with us, wouldn’t you want to share it with your friends and family? As a reputable company in the career development space for many years we provide great quality services in helping you grow your career.



Enjoy an additional income stream without having to lift a finger! All you have to do is refer anyone you know that could benefit from our services and once they sign up for our program, that’s money in your account.



By spreading the word about what we do to help people in their career, you’re also helping the less fortunate as we believe in helping those in need and making a difference. With every new client we get, we donate to charitable organisations through B1G1.

Commission Types
(our commission works based on how your friend pays)
1. Upfront payment: Flat 10% commission within 30 days after their first coaching session.
2. Payment Plans: Commission will be paid within 30 days after each commission cycle of your friend.
Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions apply directly to this referral program. For our full terms & conditions, visit our website here.
1.You are eligible for the commission once your friend has completed their first coaching session. The commission will be paid within 30 days after the coaching session.
2.You will not be eligible for a commission if your friend has refunded their purchase.