Contact Centre Manager @ Asahi Beverages

It took Sami Sami over two years to find another job after he was made redundant. When he found his career caught between a rock and a hard place, he reached out to Careerists. He is now the Contact Centre Manager for Asahi Beverages. In his new role, Sami has more responsibilities, manages a larger team, and earns more money than the job he was let off. Hard to believe? Listen to his inspirational career success here.




Head of Operations at Crestone

When I reached out to Thai, I’d been with my previous employer for 18 years, and while successful in my roles, I’d rarely been asked to complete a formal interview process (and when I had, it’s safe to say I bombed). Even though I was in a Senior Management position, when asked by the CIO “tell me what you bring to your role Kate?” I couldn’t articulate the value I was bringing to the business. During my complimentary consultation with Careerists, I was terrified, embarrassed and shaking, I had no idea how to tell someone what I did in a meaningful way, nor that I was great at what I did. Fast forward 3 weeks and only 6 hours. Their ability to challenge me respectfully and not allow me to shy away from the fear I had of self-promotion, not only enabled me to articulate the value I could bring to a business, but was a huge self confidence boost. Thai’s focus on energy, body language, reading your audience and truly believing in yourself is genuine, he really cares, and it’s incredibly effective. After 8 hours of interviews, I was successful in the first role I applied for in 18 years and in an industry I knew little about – all thanks to Careerists coaching me to believe in myself and to not be afraid to talk to my strengths and go after what I thought was impossible. Thanks to you Thai and your team at Careerists for your influence, compassion and determination to lead me to the happiness and success I experience today