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Use networking to level up your career in 2019

Use Networking to Level Up Your Career in 2019

As the rush and excitement of the festive season settles down, you may find yourself thinking more deeply about your future.

Maybe you’re not happy in your current role or company, or maybe you’re just ready to take that next step and take on more responsibility.

Whether you’re after a promotion or a job, your network is going to be something that is going to be quite valuable to you.

How effectively you utilize your network could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.

But how do you actually make the most of your network

For a start, It’s not just enough knowing people.

Your network isn’t going to go out of their way to reach out to you and offer you jobs.

You need to go to them.

It can be as simple as reaching out and see if anybody you know is currently working in a company you would like to work in, and ask them what job openings they have.

If they have openings for a job that matches your skills and experience, put in your application.

You should always first try to search for an opening within your company, especially if the company culture suits you and you’re only after a change of role.

It’s actually a lot easier transferring within a company, as you’re only going to be up against a handful of people.

Compare this to being the 100th or 500th applicant for a job outside the company.

Word-of-mouth is still the #1 way of filling jobs.


Because allowing someone to join your team or organisation is always a risk.

It takes a lot of trust – trust that a resume just can’t provide.

From a recruiters perspective, someone that has been referred internally by an employee carries much more weight.

Recruiters take that recommendation on board straight away.

That person knows the culture – so they must be referring someone that will fit in.

So when you’re up against hundreds of other applicants, when the recruiter sees that you’ve been referred by someone internally, they’re going to see you in a positive light instantly, even before fully reading your resume, meeting you, or interviewing you.

Utilising your network effectively is going to be a crucial element in your search for a job or promotion.

The reality is that you NEED to stand out from a crowd to get a job or promotion.

There’s no way around it.

Having a strong network and knowing how to utilize it is a necessity for you to actually progress your way up the career ladder.

Start by networking with friends and family and find roles that may interest you.

By building connections in this way, you could get a referral from somebody within the company.
This holds a lot of weight, and drastically increases your chances of getting the role you want.


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