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Is your mindset holding you back?

Is your Mindset holding you back?

As a recruiter, I’ve interviewed thousands of people – each with their own personalities and unique strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve noticed that even though everybody has a unique personality, when it comes to applying for a position in a company, people typically fall into two distinct groups.

These groups are based on the different mindsets that they have -
the "Job Seeker Mindset"
and "Top Talent Mindset".

These two mindsets are very different, because one already knows they are in demand and control, the other… well, keep reading to find out.

Employers want the best of the best, so if you’re able to get employers and recruiters to think of you as the best talent, you’re going to be vastly more successful in your search for a job.

So how do you get there?

The difference lies in how the two types of people see themselves.

Regular job seekers have a scarcity mindset.
They believe that there isn’t much of anything going around, so they’re desperate to grab onto anything they can get.

Job seekers are looking for somebody to just give them a chance to prove themselves.
In a sense, they’re begging for an opportunity – all because they don’t believe that there are many opportunities out there to begin with.

They’re also not confident enough in their own abilities – in terms of what they can do or what they can offer.
In other words, sees themselves lucky if they got the job.

On the other hand, Top Talent have an abundance mindset.
They believe that their skills, experience and potential will add value to any business they go into, which means they can be picky about their choices.
They take a proactive approach to life, and plan ahead for what’s best for them.

They’re constantly developing new skills, which greatly enhances their employability. Top Talent have a clear understanding of their skills and abilities – they know their worth, and they know companies want to hire them.
This means that when they’re looking for a job, they’re going to make sure that it’s a good fit for both the company AND them.
This makes them far more effective at negotiating and securing job offers.

So how do you become Top Talent?

It starts with being in a position where you know that you have value to offer – this makes you more desirable.

You need to change your mindset from low self-value to high self-value.
Think about all the skills and experience that you have to offer – what value do you bring to the company? What are they missing out on if they choose not to hire you?

Your ability to solve problems for the company determines your worth, the bigger the problems you solve, the more you can demand. Once you understand what makes you valuable, your mindset automatically begins to change to one of abundance. Being competent leads to being CONFIDENT, and being able to sell yourself, because you know your worth.

Ultimately, it all comes down to confidence.

Confidence literally means belief in yourself and in you abilities, and it is the #1 thing that’s going to make you stand out.

Displaying confidence is so important, because it’s how you’ll showcase your worth.
However, a lot of people are actually unable to do it. They’re being held back by their self-doubt, fear, or just knowing that they’re up against potentially hundreds of other job seekers. This plays on their ability to showcase their confidence, and it’s something that needs to change if you want a shot.

So change the way you think about yourself, and this will change the way you value yourself.

Until next time,

Thai Ngo

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