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How to Plan for Long Term Success

How to Plan for Long Term Success

The other week I was plagued by a really bad toothache. I mean REALLY bad. So bad that I actually lost a lot of sleep over it.


The next day I told my partner, and her advice to me was to
“Wait, it’ll go away by itself”.


Then I mentioned it to my family, and they said: “Take some painkillers!”


I wanted a third option because I wanted to get rid of this toothache once and for all. So I decided to go to the dentist and my problem was solved in under an hour.

Then I looked back at my options.

1.     Wait it out
2.     Fix it temporarily
3.     See a specialist

I was thinking about this recently, and it hit me that these three different mindsets are actually mindsets I see in the corporate world as well.

You see, some people just want to wait for their problems to sort themselves out. They wait and wait until something changes, but how often do our problems go away by waiting?

Never – because the problem is still there!

Other people look for a short-term amendment. They want to put a band-aid on everything. Most of the time because it’s a cheaper alternative. This can only provide temporary relief because as we all know, we can’t put band-aids on our problems.

And for some, they look for a permanent solution. They have pain and they don’t want to waste any time. These are three mindsets that we have.

What do you think the most successful people have in common?

Do they just wait for the problem to resolve by itself? Are they looking for temporary amendments? Or do they go to someone who is an expert and can surely resolve the problem?

Most successful entrepreneurs value their time. They know it’s something they can’t get back.  They know that spending a bit more to take the hassle out of things have a much bigger payoff.

We all have different situations that we are facing every day. But are we approaching them the right way?

Imagine if your desk chair was wobbly at your workplace. Would you ignore it, try to do some sort of temporary amendment or ask for a new one?

I’ve seen people that fall into one of these categories. Reframe your mind to value your time more and you won’t have to put up with as much pain or hassle.

Until next time,

Thai Ngo.

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