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How To Get A Job After 60 Job Rejections Per Week

Take advantage of the digital resume trend

At one of my recent events, I was approached by a man who was having a difficult time finding a new job. He wanted me to take a look at his resume and LinkedIn profile.
This isn’t something I normally do at my events as I have a ton of people waiting in line to ask me questions.

He had been applying for as many as 60 jobs a week and was getting rejected every single time. He didn’t even know why. I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

The first thing I asked him was “What is it that you do? Why should someone hire you?”
He was lost for words and started stuttering. Then he blurted “I’m willing to learn anything, I like teamwork, I’m hard-working”.
He then asked again if I could just have a look at his resume to see what was wrong with it.
I told him I didn’t need to because I already knew what was wrong with it.

Now, you might be wondering how I could possibly know that without even glancing at it for a second.
No, it’s not a magical power I have (although that would have helped me tremendously in my work as a recruiter over the past 11 years).

Your resume and digital presence are supposed to be a mirror image of yourself.

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