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How to be proactive and not reactive

How to be proactive and not reactive

We have all been guilty of this.. When receiving feedback we’ve gone straight to being reactive instead of proactive. We jumped straight on the defence. 

A wall goes up. We become defensive and don’t really listen to what is being told. You dismiss the person’s claims and act as though the feedback wasn’t important. 

This is a skill that people have to develop as they climb in their career. You can’t be defensive or angry when hearing feedback from co-workers or your senior staff within the company. You have to be open to constantly learning and growing. 

When feedback is given, you need to stop and listen to what the person is saying, because they’re giving this feedback for a reason. 

Listen and ask yourself, ‘why am I receiving this.’

Then ask questions to the person giving you feedback to get a clear picture of where this has come from?

Is there something that happened? 

Was there a boundary you were unaware of? 

As it happened on multiple occasions?

After hearing this, reflect back and see where the truth is in this new information you are being given. Don’t feel as though you are being attacked, take it as a moment to reflect on yourself. Places where you can realise you may need some improvement. 

In those moments it may be hard for you to admit that this may be an issue, but deep down you know there is truth and that’s ok. 

You want to be able to have an open and clear communication with those in your workplace. This helps with team performance and overall morale of your team. 

A work space should be a safe place where feedback is honest and shared to help people grow and become better within their job. 

When you put this in place you start becoming PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.

You take back control and become a better person. Not just with yourself but with your team members and within the company. 

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