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How The Latest Telstra Announcement Can Actually Help Your Career

How the latest Telstra announcement can actually help Your Career

If you’ve been following along in the news, there have been some major shakeups with the big players of late.

In November, NAB announced 6000 traditional jobs going, and 2000 new jobs to be created with a focus on hiring technology specialists to combat the ever-increasing hunger for AI, robotics and automation.

And Telstra’s latest announcement to release 8000 executive and middle management positions comes as quite a blow.

Whilst the Telco isn’t new to being in the news with customer satisfaction sitting around 66%, making such a drastic wholesale change is going to affect a lot of people.

I guess it was only a matter of time before these giants began culling, especially as we shift to more technical and software trends.

Add to that the poor service rates, dissatisfaction with off shore call centers and out-dated offerings.

This was just a ticking time bomb.

For the 8000 employees now on the chopping block though this means something completely different, regardless of whether or not you’re expecting a transition, when it’s placed in front of you, life and your lifestyle can alter very quickly.

If you suddenly find yourself in a career transition there are a myriad of emotional responses that can ensue.

Managing the transition can be both terrifying and exciting (usually all at once) whilst you can be excited about starting something new there is a sadness to leaving what you know, especially if you’ve known it for all of your working career.

It can be helpful to understand the process of feelings and what is possible if you’re open to it, with the process being broken down into 3 phases:

  • Ending
  • Exploring
  • Fresh Start

So if you do suddenly find yourself in a career transition: or you’re simply curious to see what’s out there, what’s the next step?

With so many new areas of recruitment it definitely pays to have a career specialist on hand to assist through the process.

From automation funnels and the use of artificial intelligence, recruitment isn’t as simple as advertise & apply anymore.

At Careerists we focus on aligning your Personal Branding with your job prospects, I mean how will you know what job is for you if you don’t know who you are!

It’s the difference between applying for 100’s of positions hoping for anything or working on the details and applying for the correct role for you and your skills.

Once you know and understand your own unique selling points and how they affect your job prospects it opens up a whole new thought process.

And the bonus is it’s a distinctive process that can be applied to all aspects of your life not just your career.

All of a sudden the transition isn’t as scary as you thought.



Until next time,

Thai Ngo

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