How I Transitioned Back into Work: Poh Lin’s Story

How I Transitioned Back into Work

Poh Lin’s Story

2 years working in her own business, a failed partnership and barely any cashflow coming in; Poh was struggling to make ends meet.

She had to make the tough decision. It was to either keep trying or look for a job.

The decision wasn’t easy but Poh felt it was time to seek new career opportunities.

Having professional knowledge and experience working as an Analyst for large firms prior to starting her business, Poh thought it would be easy to secure something quite fast.

After countless applications going out every day and reconnecting and consulting with her previous networks, Poh was hopeful something would come up soon.

Spent months to find a job with a few phone calls from recruiters – but no success.

Not even to attend an interview.

After losing all her motivation and feeling depressed. She came to us for help.

Here’s her story of how she was able to turn her life around through one of our partnerships.

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