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Doom and Gloom

Is Mental Health on the Rise During this Pandemic?

We are facing uncertain times. As we know that with the pandemic, the unemployment and the recession hitting us, the world seems to have gone into a sense of gloom. The people are indoors, the streets are not busy, everyone is going through something or the other.

There is someone that you know that is facing problems like high stress, anxiety and depression and that it is in times like these that feels like a sense of doom looming over us.

That is why it is important to create awareness about mental health and instead of creating a stigma around it, it is unto us, you and me together to come out this wiser and stronger.

I’ve heard people often talk about mental health in offices and the workplace and how people in higher positions have higher stress levels or easily fall into depression.

Have you ever wondered why?

Like, okay, obviously the higher up you go in the chain, the bigger is the problem that you are solving, that can lead to higher anxiety and stress.

So what do you do when you’re laid off, or not paid or just not treated right? When everyone is in isolation, who can you talk to?

That is a problem and could trigger stress and anxiety in a lot of people.

With the government funds running out, the businesses right now are also running out of their liquid assets given the current state of affairs running a business is also a challenge. So even the leaders are stressed out and questioning their position.

Come to think of it, it’s like problems of the company’s leader that are being projected in their employees.

Effectively, what we need are better leaders and crisis managers who can take charge and dictate in these situations and take care of the employees of the company.

We also need to have policies in place that can help people going through tough times.

Did you know that you are 31% more productive when working in a positive mindset. While it is important for you to take care of yourself and give your attention to mental health, it is also important to preserve it and maintain it.

There are many ways to achieve an optimum mindset for a more productive workplace. At work or even remote.

One approach is to have a workplace consultant.

Many offices have partnered up with therapists and consultants that give employees the chance to book them and talk about their issues if they need to. This can help create momentum and keep the general mindset of the workplace a more positive one. It is also good to have this as people who need further treatment can find out about their illness sooner.

Team Building

This approach is a rather fun approach that keeps the employees engaged and productive throughout the week and I can vouch for this from personal experience. Every week in our office we do some team building exercises in which we play some game or participate in an activity that creates engagement. This adds a fun dynamic to the environment, keeps the employees or their toes and helps build stronger connections among employees. It is so important for employees to have trust and look out for each other in times of need as friends.

Skill Development

From the example of the recent events, I think it is fair to say that the times are uncertain. And in times of uncertainty the currency that is issued and exchanged is knowledge or information. It is so important that you do the kind of work that brings you value. So learning new skills and reading up on future trends can help you develop an edge that will force the employer to either keep you as a part of your company or you become someone who is more employable because of all the skills and knowledge you hone. So having a student mindset and being on a constant learning curve will improve your chances of becoming the top 5% of talent.

At Careerists, we offer services that help you write better resumes, become more employable and to create you into the top 5% of the talent pool.

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