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Career transitioning

Career transitioning

Career transitioning. A topic that interests a lot of people but also scares them at the same time.

People think because they’ve been working in one type of career or industry for years that they’re stuck there and they’ve chosen their path.

I’m here to say that isn’t true…

Yes it can be daunting and challenging when looking for a new job or career because if you’re in an industry or job that you’ve been in for many years, that’s all you know.

You can break out of an industry or career and move… You just have to look at your transferable skills. Because all skills can be transferable.

In any type of job you do, you always gain transferable skills.

What are these ‘transferable skills’ you ask?

These are skills that no matter what industry you are in or from, they can be used across multiple areas.

Take project management as an example. That is a skill that can be taken with you across any industry as it’s fundamentals are the same. As it isn’t tailored to just one specific industry. That is a skill you can take across industries with you.

Leadership, key communication skills, management skills, these are just a few that when applying for a job regardless of the industry, these skills will make you desirable.

First: You need to look at the job description. Do you have key skills required but it’s an industry you’re currently not in? Apply.

Second: When applying for the job, use experience and skills to highlight how you could be a key candidate for the role. Even though you may not have worked in the industry before, you can still show how you are competent for the role.

Thirdly: Don’t be afraid to apply. Have confidence to know what you can bring to the table.

Career transition can be a scary thought but let your experience and skills talk for themselves. Don’t feel you have to be tied down or feel as though you may be stuck.

If you’re ready to look for that new job or take that leap into a new industry, this is the time.

Until next time,

Thai Ngo.

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