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Get Noticed – How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Get Noticed. How to Build Your Personal Brand
on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been a non-stop growing social platform, having amassed more than 600 million users over the past few years.

White collar professionals use it to network more than any other social platform, and the reason for that is because LinkedIn is an excellent way for you to build your personal brand.

It goes without saying that if you aren’t already, you REALLY should be on LinkedIn.

But how do you actually take full advantage of it?

The most important thing is to increase the number of people that are aware of your existence. 

Essentially what this means is getting more people to view your profile.

Now, it depends on what you want to do with your personal branding, because there are two different sets of eyes that you that you want on your profile.

The first set of eyes you want to see your profile is recruiters.

If you want recruiters to start approaching you for job opportunities, there are a couple of basic things that your profile needs in order to attract them.

Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile – it’s the first thing most people look at, so you need to take it seriously. 

Make sure it’s a recent photo, and make sure it actually looks like you. 

It should be a high-quality headshot, and don’t make it too goofy, unless that’s part of your personal brand. 

A Strong Summary

Your summary needs to tell a compelling story.

So many people have lackluster summaries – the worst offenders leave the section totally blank!

If your goal is to build your personal brand, this is a huge mistake.

Something important to remember is not just to list your soft skills and hard skills. Instead, talk about why these skills matter and tell and interesting story.

What you could do is to have a look at the key words used in job ads for the roles you’re looking at and actually use these keywords in your summary. These are the words that recruiters search for when they’re trying to find the right person for a role, so it’s a worthwhile addition.

Recruiters actually have a license which allows them to search for anything from key words, to companies that you’ve worked for, and even skills that you have. It’s actually broken down into specific categories, and this helps them narrow down the potential candidates.

The other set of eyes you want is the eyes of the public.

This requires a more active role in your LinkedIn profile, but this can be as simple as just sharing content that you find interesting.

You could even start liking people’s posts, and just overall interacting more with your connections.

Another effective way to build your brand is to start giving out endorsements to key people in your network, which is often perceived as a strong enough gesture for them to endorse your skills as well.

This way, you’re drawing positive attention to yourself, and also helping out other people get more engagement.

It’s also letting people know that you exist, and that you could be a positive addition to their network.

So these are the two key ways you can build your personal brand using LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, the aim is to get people to notice you, and view you in a positive light.

In only a couple of hours you can have a really strong LinkedIn profile.

It’ll grow your online presence, and if it gives you the upper hand in getting noticed, what have you got to lose?

Until next time,

Thai Ngo

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