7 most important things to do as unemployment rises

7 Most Important Things to Do As Unemployment Rises   Australia’s unemployment numbers are going through the roof. So far, nearly a million Aussies have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus shutdown. Melbourne’s second lockdown is likely to cost the government between $10 to $12 billion with the unemployment

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7 great ways to upskill in a pandemic crisis

7 Great Ways to Upskill in a Pandemic Crisis Sara’s story is not unique. Her manager has suggested she takes up an online course to upgrade her skills. But Sara declined. Going back to school is the last thing on Sara’s mind. Like many Aussie working parents today, Sara feels

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5 reasons how a recession can affect your job

5 reasons how a recession can affect your job Key points: Australia is in recession Jobs will be lost in a recession You will need survival skills to keep your job Staying engaged and productive is important Upskilling can help you avoid being laid off If you do get laid

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Top 5 skills you will need to be competitive in the job market

Top 5 skills you will need to be competitive in the job market Looking for a job during COVID-19 is more challenging than ever.  While it’s true up to a million Australians have lost their jobs to the pandemic, job opportunities in some industries are rising.  Employers are also looking

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Work From Home Here to Stay

Work From Home Here to Stay During these uncertain times, WFH has come as a challenge to most of us. While it may sound like an interesting proposition to some, it is really not as easy going as it sounds. Right off the bat, your office space is built in

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The Future of Jobs

The Future of Jobs We have all delved into what could be the most uncertain phase of our economy we’ve ever been. This pandemic has brought us to a nerve racking new challenge, a recession. With the government funds running out, many small businesses shut down and unemployment is on

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