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Become a Superwoman in your career

Become a Superwoman in your career

Over the 10 years of recruitment, something that has stood out for me is that women in the workplace tend to not be as confident as men when applying for jobs.

What I’ve noticed is that women feel that they need to meet 90% of the requirements on a job ad, or they won’t apply at all.

But why is that?

A large part of it is that they feel they aren’t good enough so they never even put in an application.

This means they don’t even get considered and completely miss out.

They never get to build up their experience or try out different roles, becasue they’re just not applying. 

To make matters worse, when they DO apply and get the interview, they tend to undersell themselves.

Let me tell you something...

Modesty is not your friend.

If you look up the word ‘modest’ in the dictionary, it actually means undervaluing one’s abilities or achievements.

By being unassuming in the way you talk about your skills and what you can bring to the table, you’re actually setting yourself up for failure.

When it comes to finding the best person for the position, recruiters are primarily concerned with learning about your unique traits and strengths, and how much value you’ll be able to bring to the company.

So what can you do about it?

Put yourself out there

Apply for as many relevant jobs as you can, especially ones that have historically been male dominated. 

You’ll actually notice that the newest companies out there at the moment are hiring more and more women in the workplace, because they want a diverse group of employees with different skill sets and viewpoints within their organisation.

So, get into jobs which excite you, that you’re passionate about, and take that leap of faith.

Don't undersell yourself

Be confident, and show them the value you’re bringing to the table.

This is where I’ve seen women in the workplace and people from other countries fall behind.

They’re often afraid to open up, talk about themselves and the big projects they’ve worked on and helped turn around. As they’ve been told that is may make them look arrogant.

But if you don’t step up and make a case for yourself, who will?

You’re only given a short timeframe to make an impression in an interview; so you need to differentiate yourself from the hordes of people applying for the same role.

It may be a cliché, but there truly is no better time than now.

You should be putting yourself out there as much as humanly possible.

After all, you can’t be considered if your name isn’t out there.

The good thing about the times we live in, is that there’s a big push to hire more women in the workplace because employers understand that diversity is going to help build their company quicker.

The world is yours for the taking.


Until next time,

Thai Ngo

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