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Hi, I’m Thai Ngo, and I’ve been in Recruitment for over 11 years.


I’ve interviewed over 10,000 professionals for companies such as Computershare, Foxtel, Department of Human Services, Exxon Mobil, REA Group and much more. 

My job was to find the top 5% of talent...and now I have the exact formula needed to put you in the ‘driver's seat’ of your career and obtain the results you always knew you deserved.

I link human psychology and hiring behaviour to levels never taught before!

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"It looks more professional and modern. I appreciate the guidelines with regard to the content that i should select to highlight in my resume and how to organise the text in each section. Thank you again!"

-- Serena Low

"Layout came out perfect! Just what I was after! Thanks for that!"

-- Samuel Gospodarczyk

By joining us you will help us provide 1 month of e-learning to a child in a Rural Village on behalf of Careerists.

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