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3 (Easy) Ways to Master Work-Life Balance

3 (Easy) Ways to Master Your Work-Life Balance

Having a hard time balancing work, business, and family life?

You’re not the only one…even though I’m sure it can feel like it at times.
It’s already challenging enough focusing on your work when you’re starting a new job.

Now imagine throwing a child into that mix or having a side business and trying to juggle both at the same time.
Your lifestyle will change at home, and your actual work will likely change as well.

Some will be lucky enough to be able to put more focus on family, while some will have to focus on their job.
It’s a difficult balancing act to pull off.

So, is there anything you can do about it?

The good news is that there are a lot of other people in your situation, and this is forcing the job market to evolve.
It’s not only working parents – it’s people that have a side-hustle too.

People don’t want to be stuck in the same rigid job forever – and employers know this.

Here are 3 ways you can take advantage of this trend.

1: Change your role

Roles are increasingly changing and being combined with other roles. That’s how new job titles are being created!

Have a conversation with your manager and see which roles will allow you to be as productive as possible whilst still ensuring you add value back to the business and allowing you to have the much-needed balance at home.

2: Change your duties

Have a discussion with your manage and re-evaluate your duties.

See if you can still complete all the duties within reduced working hours. If not, look at the tasks and see if there’s something that can be swapped with another employee or member of your team.

Review which ones are priorities and re-shuffle which are mandatory tasks and which ones aren’t.

3: Shut off from work

Investing in ‘me’ time as well as ‘family’ time is super important to remain highly engaged in everything you do. That’s what work-life balance means.

It’s a balancing act.
Too much focus on one area can tip the scales.

And when one side is tipped for too long, the other side suffers…

Jobs these days are not as rigid and set in stone as they once were. They’re constantly changing and evolving according to what the market demands, and what the market is demanding is more flexibility.

Flexibility is still one of the top things people look for in employers.

The most important thing is to have realistic expectations.

Things will not be the same anymore.
But there are always options.

You can work it out so your career, business, and family life all flourish.

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