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2 things recruiters or employers look for when hiring

2 things recruiters or employers look for when hiring

Getting through the interview process can be a time consuming one, but what do recruiters or employees look for in an interview?

They are … Trust and Competence.

You may be asking yourself, how about my experience.. my achievements? Aren’t they important?

And you’re right, employers want to see those results!
But it’s that journey on how you arrived at those results that will show your competence and if they can put their trust in you.

Now when I say trust, I don’t mean they believe in you. I mean as they can trust you to deliver what the job entails.
To come in and become an important member of the team within the role you are applying for. To show that when you are being interviewed for this job, you give them confidence in hiring you.

The recruiter or employer is there to find the right person for the job. You need to show them that you are hungry, driven, thick skinned, determined and show them why you’re the right person.

To show the recruiter or employer that you are not only competent but also trustworthy, when answering questions being asked, remember while providing them examples, make sure to not just focus on the outcome of the situation.

Here is a tip

Make sure you highlight the before and middle of the journey that got you there. Showcase how you worked within a team and were able to contribute with other colleagues to achieve that end result.

Yes highlight your importance and your part, make sure to not discount the team effort along the way though.

When you highlight these parts you’re wanting to showcase either your problem solving skills, critical thinking skills even empathy. You want to show the recruiter or employer you have those important skills that are highlighted throughout the job ad.

Remember that it is important to showcase your achievements and results as it shows that you are competent for the job, but without an employer or recruiter believing they can trust you, you won’t be hired for the role.

Until next time,

Thai Ngo.

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